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Pale cream rose with icing pink edged petals

Valentine’s Day Salute by Roxanne Knight

Valentine’s Day Salute by Roxanne Knight Valentine's Day chocolate rose

Out of this World

Jack tossed back the remnants of the glass of whiskey and glared at the foil covered chocolate rose. “Some Valentine’s Day this turned out to be.” He was mortified to realise that only his pride was shattered.  He crushed the rose. “Damn.” Blood mingled with the red of the foil. He looked at the offending engagement ring half hidden in the mess in his hand. “One stupid idea after another.” He glared at the ring for a moment then tossed the whole lot over the side of the yacht.

Serria floated beneath the waves. She had been swimming all morning trying to escape the realisation that she had made a fool of herself. Over a man of all things. Plunk. Serria reached up to catch whatever had landed on her head. “Freaking litter bugs.” She glared at the crumpled mess of rapidly vanishing chocolate, green plastic leaves and red foil she had caught. Without stopping to think she zoomed to the surface of the ocean and threw the disgusting rubbish at the head of the male who was the only possible culprit.

“What the…?” Jack spun around to see what had hit him. The sudden movement combined with a tad too much whiskey and Jack slipped catching his head on the boom as he toppled into the sea.

“Huh, serve him right.” Serria watched as the man slowly sank lower and lower into the blue. “Why isn’t he swimming?” Then she noticed a slight discolouration of the water near his head. “He must have hit his head when he fell.” Serria swam down and caught him in her arms. She carried him to the surface. That was the easy part. Getting him back aboard his yacht was another matter. Serria looked up at the sides of the boat. They didn’t seem impossibly high, but with the dead weight in her arms it would be like trying to climb Mt Olympus. This was deefinitely one of the times when legs might be an advantage. Luckily they weren’t too far from shore.

Serria looked at the man in her arms. Dark lashes lay soft against the hard planes of his face. His skin had a warm golden tone that Serria found fascinating. She placed her cool white hand  on his cheek. “So warm.” Something stirred inside Serria. She shook her head. “Dratted man. Okay, let’s get you to shore.” She turned him so that he lay along the length of her body, the back of his head pillowed on her breasts. She was very aware of his warmth rubbing against her nipples. She stilled and shifted him more to the side so that she could support him with her arm, away from her breasts which seemed to have become overly sensitive. Then, with a flick of her mighty tail, they were off, flying across the surface of the sea.

In minutes they had reached the shallows on the shore. “Now for the tricky bit.” Serria needed to get him out of the water, so she could stop worrying that he might drown. But how? In the shallows Serria felt like a beached whale. “I look like one too.” Without water to support his weight he hampered her movements, pressing her into the wet sand. Serria rolled to dislodge his dead weight. He slid sideways and landed face down in the water. Serria sighed. “Thank goodness, you weigh a ton. Oh, squid ink!” Quickly she lifted his head up out of the water.

If she could just roll him far enough up the beach to reach him without having to stand in the water maybe she could pull him clear of the sea. It was hard work. Serria’s strength came from the sea and the further out of the water they came the heavier her burden. But at last she had him high enough that he wouldn’t be carried back out by the next large wave and she would be able to get a good enough grip to drag him without getting her feet wet once she had transitioned.

Then, resting on her elbows, Serria gave a vigorous heave of her tail and flipped it clear of the  sea. Her body twisted and her tail arced through the air and landed on dry sand. She felt the tingle start in her caudal fin and then fire licked across her scales. The pain intensified for a moment and then eased, and in place of her glistening argent tail were two shapely legs.

Serria pushed herself to her feet. She stumbled backwards. “Ow.” She landed on her backside, but immediately sprang up again. “Neptunes trident, that sand is hot.” Cautiously she turned to the man. Still no sign of life. Grabbing him under the arms she hauled, and inch by inch Serria dragged his inert body up the beach. Eventually, tired and dripping sweat, she reached the shade of the she oaks that lined the edge of the dunes.

Carefully Serria examined his head. Yes, there was a cut and a swelling, not large, but obviously enough to have knocked him out. It had stopped bleeding and didn’t look bad enough to cause problems. Except he was unconscious and didn’t seem inclined to wake. Perhaps if she found some water for him to drink.

Serria gazed up and down the beach looking for evidence of a stream. There at the far end of the beach she saw a line of silver snaking down to the waves. She headed down the beach and broke into a run only to fall flat on her face. “Stupid feet.” Pulling herself up she kept going albeit a bit slower. She reached the stream and looked around for something to carry the water in. At the edge of the waves was a large discarded clam shell. It would do fine if she could just reach it without getting her feet wet. Sea water meant her tail would come back. Serria walked as close to the sea as she dared. Then she crouched on all fours before flattening herself and stretching for the shell. “Got it.” Serria wriggled backwards away from the beckoning waves. Laughing with relief and success she washed the shell with water that had come down from the hills that she could see in the distance. Then because she was feeling so hot and sticky after her exertions Serria ladled the cool water over herself, enjoying the chill as it cascaded over her abnormally warm skin. Refreshed Serria filled the shell from the clear fresh stream.

When she got back Serria lifted the man’s head onto her lap. She gasped at the heat from his body and stared mesmerised by the contrast of his warm golden skin against her cool paleness. His hair gleamed darkly like the wing of a cormorant, while hers shone silver white in the dappled sunlight. “Ocean’s apart.” And yet her heart raced when she looked at him. Her hand tingled as it skimmed across the wiry hairs that darkened his chest. Serria’s breath caught as her eyes followed the arrow of dark hair that disappeared under the waistband of his boardshorts, and her hand itched to follow. “Get a grip.” She pulled her hand back.

Serria lifted his head slightly and placed the shell of water to his lips. Nothing. She dipped her finger into the water and rubbed it across his lips. Smooth and warm. His lips parted slightly. Serria dipped her finger in the water again and slipped it into his mouth. He sucked and a jolt of electricity spiked her core. She jumped and the shell tipped, emptying itself into his face. Serria found herself staring into deep brown eyes.

Jack stared. Eyes the blue of the early morning sea peered into his. He blinked. No, she was still there. He was looking into the face of an angel. Lips made for kissing. His eyes followed the soft curve of her cheek down the long line of her neck to a shoulder carressed by silver hair. Silver hair? Definitely an angel. So he must be dead. Was he. He didn’t feel dead. Not that he knew how dead felt precisely. His head hurt like the devil. That could mean he was alive, couldn’t it? Jack continued to stare. His eyes followed the length of her hair. Lower. Breasts. Naked breasts. Do angels have naked breasts? His hand reached out and touched the perfect coral tip peeking through the strands of silver. The nipple puckered and a soft moan floated on the air. Not an angel then, but certainly out of this world.

Esther Howland Valentine, circa 1850: "We...

Esther Howland Valentine, circa 1850: “Weddings now are all the go, Will you marry me or no”? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pale cream rose with icing pink edged petals

Valentine’s Day Salute by Suzi Love

Valentine’s Day Salute by Suzi Love  

Valentine's Day chocolate rose

Warning. Some words and content in the following story is unsuitable for those under 18yrs. 

Michael, Viscount Lindley, threw his book on the side table and smiled. Finally. He’d thought of a way to gain Victoria’s attention.

The Saint Valentine’s ball at Lord Monroe’s grand house on the outskirts of London was only two days away.

Yesterday, Michael had resolved to avoid the event. He’d already wasted far too many evenings watching young pups, new on the town, fawning over Victoria. Seeing his lover, well ex-lover actually after their argument two weeks ago, bending forward, deliberately, to allow those young men a better look at the tops of her perfect white breasts.

If they leaned in any closer those idiots would, rather than catch a glimpse of Victoria’s pink tinged nipples, topple into her cleavage. Then, thank the Lord, he’d have a legitimate excuse for letting go of his control. And his temper.

Victoria was winning their silent battle. Or perhaps he was ready to admit defeat. For two weeks, they’d been two hard-headed combatants refusing to admit guilt. Every once in a while he’d catch Victoria looking at him with the same expression he was sure was plastered across his own face. Determination, yet regret. Her smile seemed a little down in the mouth, despite showing her even white teeth.

Only two weeks previously, those teeth had been better employed. Grazing up and down his eager cock. Frequently. Now, whenever she nibbled her bottom lip, he couldn’t help but think that her pouting mouth had been, and could be again, put to far better use than having mind-numbing conversations with brainless boys barely out of leading strings.

Valentine’s Day would be his last chance to win Victoria back. Into his arms, and definitely back into his bed. His reading had reminded him of the age old custom of presenting a rose to one’s love as a token of affection. But he wasn’t planning one simple rose. Oh, no!

Wooing Victoria, for the second time, needed the same planning as a major battle, because his true love was a formidable foe. His chef would spend every hour of the next two days fashioning dozens of roses, lovingly made from chocolate. The roses would be speared onto sticks and tied with red ribbons.

Surely such a grandiose display would convince Victoria that his feelings for her hadn’t changed. Not at all. Despite him trying desperately to damp down and ignore those feelings.

If anything, their time apart had strengthened his belief that he and Victoria belonged together. No more watching her from across a crowded room. No more waiting for her to submit. Victoria had lodged herself in his heart and nothing was going to dislodge her. His cave man instincts had been roused.

Now that Michael thought about it, dozens of roses wouldn’t suffice. He needed hundreds. One to present to every lady attending the ball, plus a few extras for the dandies who were emotionally more female than male. Though Victoria’s chocolate rose would be the biggest of all and her red ribbons would have something attached. A ring. A family heirloom. A cluster of priceless rubies that each viscount in the family had offered to the love of his life when he asked for her hand in marriage.

And if chocolate roses weren’t enough to convince Victoria that they belonged together, despite their occasional spats, he’d drop to one knee in the middle of Lord Monroe’s ballroom and beg her to forgive him for his stubborn stupidity. If it meant tossing Victoria over his shoulder and kidnapping her from Lord Monroe’s ballroom he’d ensure that Victoria, and all the ton, knew she was his. And his alone.

After all, pride meant nothing compared to the thought of the woman he loved leaving the Saint Valentine’s ball on the arm of another man. For the first time in two weeks, Michael smiled. He was already picturing their bout of sweaty make-up sex romp in her bedchamber. Almost worth the agony of waiting until Saint Valentine’s Day. 

St Valentine's Day card, embossed and printed ...

St Valentine’s Day card, embossed and printed in colour, with silk panel and printed message “My Dearest Miss, I send thee a kiss”, addressed to Miss Jenny Lane Lowe, or Love of Crostwight Hall, Smallburgh, Norfolk, and inscribed on the reverse “Good Morrow Valentine” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A tiny 2-inch pop-up Valentine, circa 1920

A tiny 2-inch pop-up Valentine, circa 1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Valentine’s Day Salute by Sandra Harris

This month the Sultry Scribes turn their focus to Valentine’s Day. This is my contribution to our salute to love (and loved ones), I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you all a Valentine,



With a flourish Daniel dropped the plastic rose topped with a red foil-wrapped chocolate flower in a slender crystal vase then stood back and surveyed the table. Mismatched glasses and faded melamine plates reflected his first date, two years ago, with Kate. He’d nearly lost her to that marauding bastard Kyle, thanks to that man’s fascination with his woman and his own unavoidable absences due to work. Warmth spread through him and a smile of satisfaction pulled on his lips. He’d won Kate’s heart in the end and they’d been married four months, two weeks and three days, today.

Kate Henderson opened the front door to their apartment and tried to still the squirming of the Cavoodle puppy in her arms. Daniel was going to love her. She grinned, the puppy that is, he already loved her. A contented happiness spilled through her spiked with sensual anticipation. She was so going to get rewarded for this gift. This was their first Valentine’s celebration and she wanted to make it memorable. Emotion swelled her heart at the thought of her wonderful husband. They’d had a few issues, the odd communication breakdown, especially with him being away so much, but that just made their time together more special.

Candlelight flickered down the dark hall and drew her towards the dining room. She stared at their round table, covered in wonderful memories from the past. Her chest filled with sparkling warmth.

“Do you like it?”

She spun to her husband, the puppy a warm weight tucked into her side and rushed to assure the slight uncertainty in his voice.

“It’s beautiful, so very thoughtful, thank you, darling. I love it!”

The soft glow of candle flame dimly lit his handsome features, but it was the glow of everlasting love in his eyes that lighted her soul.

Red foil wrapped chocolate rose, green plastic stem and leaves

Pale cream rose with icing pink edged petals

Valentine’s Day Salute by Victoria Black

Valentine’s Day Salute by Victoria Black Valentine's Day chocolate rose

The elegant chocolate rose rested on my plate, smiling up at me, taunting me.

I’d come home from work, and there it was, my rose valentine, tied with shiny red ribbon to my door knob. No message.

I frowned, puzzling through my very short list of possible admirers.

Hell, there were none.

Work? Hmm, three women, all married, and one fifty year old, single man. Oh Jesus. I felt myself go pale. Jesus, please don’t let it be him, I prayed with true sincerity. His huge tombstone like front teeth, yellowing with age, always widened to super beacons whenever I entered his office.

Sitting in my chair wasn’t enough. This deserved some serious pacing. I nibbled at my bottom lip. Stop doing that. Last time I’d drawn blood and my lip had become infected. Remembering the way people had murmured sympathetically about cold sores, while keeping their distance, I obeyed my stern mental order. Snatching up the rose, I glared at it as I paced.

“No,” I said in horror, “Bob can’t have sent you to me.” Bob. My boss. Way, way, way overweight. Lives with his mum. Hell, I thought he was gay. No it can’t be him.

But panic was starting to set in. Picking absently at the red foil enclosing the chocolate rose as I paced with increasing desperation, little flashes of Bob came back to me. Chortling loudly over a dumb joke I’d made at the last meeting. Offering me a lift home when the meeting went late. Oh God.

Red foil fluttered to the ground. His eyes. I’d always thought they were avuncular, like a dad would look at his favourite daughter. Oh God, oh God. I brought the now naked rose up to my lips and nibbled.


Anger replaced my shock. “What does he think he’s doing?” I asked the now gnawed-at rose. “Good grief, your owner is crazy. I’m only twenty-four. He knows that.” Another memory shook me. I’d told Bob I was between guys right now. I took a huge, furious bite and was left with the green stem.

The doorbell rang.

I ignored the delicious, creamy, chocolate sliding seductively around my mouth. Narrowing my gaze at the door, I stiffened my shoulders, took a deep breath, and stalked towards it. Okay, Bob, you’re my boss. Fine. But you have crossed a line.

I flung the door open.

Oh. Not Bob then. A guy stood on my doorstep. Black jeans, button-down white shirt. Tall. I raised my eyes from his broad chest up to his face. Handsome, in an easy-going, fun way. Curly brown hair. Sprinkling of freckles. Nice nose. I like nice noses. Then my eyes met his. Blue. Smiling. Shy.

“Um, hello?” I said blankly.

His shy blue eyes turned into rueful, embarrassed ones. “I’m sorry,” he said, “this is sort of…” His lightly tanned face flushed. Then he seemed to gather his courage, for he smiled again. Straight teeth. I like straight teeth. “My name’s Chris. I saw you at Uncle Bob’s office the other day, though you might not have seen me. You were busy.”

Uncle Bob?

The poor guy shook his head. “I’m sorry. I’m doing this very badly, but I’ve never done anything like this before. I must sound like a stalker. Uncle Bob said you weren’t seeing anyone…”

Uncle Bob?

His face was really red now. “Look, I’m sorry, I’ll go.” He turned to leave, but then added, “It’s just that it’s Valentines Day…”

Finally I found my voice. “No, Chris. Don’t go. Come in,” I said, grinning. “Any nephew of Uncle Bob’s is a friend of mine.”

Chris took a huge, relieved breath. His eyes dropped to the green stem I still held in my hand. “I see you got my Valentines gift.”

Pale cream rose with icing pink edged petals

Sultry Scribes Valentine’s Day Stories

Sultry Scribes Valentine’s Day Stories Valentine's Day chocolate rose

As a special treat for our Sultry Scribes readers, we are gifting you some delicious short stories from our members.

New stories will be posted each day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

All the stories feature a lovely chocolate rose.

We hope you enjoy them.

                                The Sultry Scribes.

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Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

1909 Valentine greeting card  (via Wikipedia)