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Victoria, Your Twenty Minutes Start…NOW!

Flash Fiction time at Sultry Scribes!

Our task? Close our eyes and pick two words from the dictionary. Three people, six words. Include three of those words in a story.

Our words were: defeat, nemesis, perk, contortionist, clutch, stodgy

And here’s my story:

It hovered like a sickening cloud, waiting, wanting to strike me down.

My nemesis smiled at me with mocking pity. She could see that cloud of my defeat. Smell it.  She’d been waiting a long time for this moment. Her pale blue eyes shone with malice.

My heart thudded in my chest. My stomach knotted. Only my pride kept me still.

Wiping my sweating hands down my sides, I took a deep breath. Then flung back my shoulders. The crowd hushed and waited.

With clenched fists, I faced her. I would not bow my head to this woman. She would not be my master.

And so, with a smile every bit as taunting as her own, I returned her venom. I enjoyed her frown.

Those who thought to judge me stared. Doubt flooded their faces. So it should. They were wrong.

They tried again. Their heads leaned in, touched, whispered, nodded. Then he stood, the main one. Fixed me with his steely grey eyes. My enemy shuffled closer, to be included in his gaze. Her eyes flicked to mine. Ah. Not so confidant now?

“The vote is unanimous,” he said. “My apologies, Mrs Perkins.” He smiled at me. “What you have given us is perfect, not stodgy in any way.”

The crowd drew in a collective breath. Her shoulders slumped.

“I declare your entry to be Best Cake of the Show.”



Roxanne, Your Twenty Minutes Start…Now!

At our latest Sultry Scribes meeting, we wrote onto slips of paper, a noun, an adjective, and an emotion, then dropped those words into separate bowls. Each person then ‘lucky dipped’ to choose her own three words, all of which had to appear somewhere in her story.

My three words were: window, hungry, manic window

The Honourable Emily Honeywood shivered as a cold breeze brushed the back of her neck. She turned up the collar of her brother’s greatcoat and continued to stare in through the lighted window. Inside she could see the man she watched relaxed before the warmth of a roaring fire, with what looked to be a brandy in one hand and a book in the other. Lucien, Marquess of Thornbury appeared to be the epitome of gentlemanly refinement. But Emily knew otherwise. She had been watching him for three nights now and tonight she knew what she had to do.

Cold seeped up her legs despite her sturdy boots, and her stomach rumbled. How unladylike. Aunt Prue would be shocked. But Emily was hungry having had to skip dinner and plead a headache so that she would not be missed. But then Aunt Prue would be beyond shocked, she would be positively manic if she could see Emily now, standing in the shadows, dressed in her brother’s clothes, watching a gentleman.

As she continued to stare into the light she saw his lordship lay aside his book and stand. Emily’s hand shook as it closed about the gun in her pocket. The time was now.

Sandra, Your Twenty Minutes Start…Now!

At our latest Sultry Scribes meeting, we wrote onto slips of paper, a noun, an adjective, and an emotion, then dropped those words into separate bowls. Each person then ‘lucky dipped’ to choose her own three words, all of which had to appear somewhere in her story.

Shiny, brown, violin

My words were diffidence, violin and beautiful.

Diffidence trembled through Camilla as she stretched a hand toward the violin resting haphazardly on a shelf amidst a jumble of other discarded treasures. The old wood shone with the burnish of long use over many years. How much of the world’s beautiful music had flowed from its strings? How often had a musician held it against their breast in a loving embrace?

The occasional quiet knock and murmur of conversation echoed around the hushed ambience of the antique store. The smell of old wood and by-gone years settled like a presence in the cluttered space.

She ran her gaze over the imperfect surface of the instrument, searching for the marks that would identify it as the one she sought. Where the neck met the body, a blob of blue, aged to amber, and a dent shaped like a crescent moon just below it, spoke in silent affirmation. A surge of trepidation burned through her.

She reached a careful hand and turned the price tag. Her heart lurched against her ribs.

Could she afford to buy it?

A shiver twisted across her nerves.

Could she afford not to?

A Day in the Writing Life of…Victoria Black

Romance Writers Australia  

A Day in the Writing Life of…Victoria Black

Welcome everyone to another Day in the Writing Life post.  Today we have Victoria Black. In one or two sentences, please tell us what genre you write in and what made you decide that particular one is your calling.

I write erotic romance, most genres. I love reading books with that sexy side to the romance, and I guess lots of “what if” ideas have popped up as a result.

Where do you write? Do you have your own special place? Does the location vary?

There are two places where I write – at my desk with a computer, and anywhere else with an exercise pad and a pen.

Are you a plotter / planner or a pantser? Do you edit as you go or prefer to edit after completion of the ms?

I’ve read all the “How To” books and wish I were a plotter. What seems to happen, however, is that I get a great idea, jot down my plot, then start writing.

To read Victoria Black’s full interview, go here : RWA

Valentine’s Day Salute by Sandra Harris

This month the Sultry Scribes turn their focus to Valentine’s Day. This is my contribution to our salute to love (and loved ones), I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you all a Valentine,



With a flourish Daniel dropped the plastic rose topped with a red foil-wrapped chocolate flower in a slender crystal vase then stood back and surveyed the table. Mismatched glasses and faded melamine plates reflected his first date, two years ago, with Kate. He’d nearly lost her to that marauding bastard Kyle, thanks to that man’s fascination with his woman and his own unavoidable absences due to work. Warmth spread through him and a smile of satisfaction pulled on his lips. He’d won Kate’s heart in the end and they’d been married four months, two weeks and three days, today.

Kate Henderson opened the front door to their apartment and tried to still the squirming of the Cavoodle puppy in her arms. Daniel was going to love her. She grinned, the puppy that is, he already loved her. A contented happiness spilled through her spiked with sensual anticipation. She was so going to get rewarded for this gift. This was their first Valentine’s celebration and she wanted to make it memorable. Emotion swelled her heart at the thought of her wonderful husband. They’d had a few issues, the odd communication breakdown, especially with him being away so much, but that just made their time together more special.

Candlelight flickered down the dark hall and drew her towards the dining room. She stared at their round table, covered in wonderful memories from the past. Her chest filled with sparkling warmth.

“Do you like it?”

She spun to her husband, the puppy a warm weight tucked into her side and rushed to assure the slight uncertainty in his voice.

“It’s beautiful, so very thoughtful, thank you, darling. I love it!”

The soft glow of candle flame dimly lit his handsome features, but it was the glow of everlasting love in his eyes that lighted her soul.

Red foil wrapped chocolate rose, green plastic stem and leaves