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Book Releases: The Viscount’s Pleasure House and Embracing Scandal

Book Releases: The Viscount’s Pleasure House and Embracing Scandal

 The Viscount’s Pleasure House  &  Embracing Scandal have been rejuvenated and have gorgeous new covers.
If you haven’t already read them, I’d love you to read them now. Maybe you’d like to leave a book review so other readers can also find them.

The Viscount’s Pleasure House

The Viscount's Pleasure House

An historical erotic romance, set in England in the risqué late Regency / very early Victorian years.

I hope you enjoy The Viscount’s Pleasure House, the first book in my Pleasure House Series. I loved writing this book because the darker side of London in the late Regency/ early Victorian eras fascinates me.

On the surface, everything was fashionable gowns and exquisite manners. Underneath, London bubbled with every sort of vice and brothels were found on every second corner in some areas.

The Viscount’s Pleasure House was a finalist in, or won, several contests.

  • 1st Place in Four Seasons contest for the Windy City’s Erotic, 2010
  • 2nd Place in Linda Howard Award of Excellence,  Romantic and Sizzling category, 2010
  • 2nd Round judging in  Emerald, Single Title full ms, Romance Writers Australia, 2009.

Where can you find The Viscount’s Pleasure House?

Amazon  +  Amazon UK + Smashwords + Face Book Page   + Pinterest Board 

Want to read an excerpt?  Web Page 

Embracing Scandal


Embracing Scandal is an historical romance and the first in my scandal series with heroines whose scientific knowledge and intellect are an affront to increasingly prudish early Victorian society.

Five siblings battle against the strictures of British society to succeed in their chosen scientific fields. This story is about Lady Rebecca Jamison, Becca, the oldest in the family and how she and Cayle, the Duke of Sherwyn, embrace scandal as they battle to defeat an unscrupulous investment consortium.

Embracing Scandal was a finalist in several contests.

  • 2nd Place Finally A Bride Oklahoma Historical Romance Writers USA, 2011
  • 3rd Place New Jersey Put Your Heart in a Book RW USA, 2010
  • 2nd round Molly for Heart of Denver RW USA, 2010
  • 3rd Place Royal Ascot Beaumonde Regency Chapter RW USA, 2010
  • 2nd Place Emerald Reader Judged Full Ms Single Title – Romance Writers Australia, 2008

Where can you find Embracing Scandal ?

Amazon – Amazon UK  + Smashwords + Pinterest Board +  Face Book Page

Want to read an excerpt?  Web Page



Embrace the Pleasure Book Tour is off and racing!

Embrace the Pleasure Book Tour is off and racing! 

The Viscount’s Pleasure House and Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love are both touring the virtual book world. TVPH_Cover-Image Embracing Scandal

Stop by as many of the stops below as you can to learn more about both books and read the reviews.

Leave lots of comments to give yourself more chances to win the $20 Gift Card.


Where will the tour be? 

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Friday  15th        – I am a Book Addict…and proud of it

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Tasty Virtual Book Tour for Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love



by Suzi Love

Suzi Love’s Tasty Virtual Book Tour has started for EMBRACING SCANDAL, an historical romance set in London during the very early years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

Dates :- The Book Tour runs from March 4th through March 8th, 2013, and includes Interviews, Character Interviews, Guest Posts and Giveaways.

Giveaways:-  Five (5) Digital Copies of EMBRACING SCANDAL will be given away tour wide to randomly chosen commenters.

Tour Places and Dates:-                   Life of a Total Book Nerd

March 4th- Life of A Total Book Nerd

Nadia saidBlog Tour Embracing Scandal

March 5th-Lacey Wolfe, Author

March 6th- Busy Moms Book Reviews

March 7th- Book Reviews and More by Kathy

March 8th- Angie Derek, Author

 About Embracing Scandal:-  

After Lady Rebecca Jamison, a mathematical genius, saves her family from financial ruin by secretly investing in railway stocks on the London stock exchange, a greedy syndicate, desperate for Becca’s calculations and predictions, murders her friend and threatens the Jamison family, forcing Becca to beg assistance from her childhood friend, Cayle St. Martin.

The newly titled Duke of Sherwyn has returned to London after five years on the continent extending his family’s shipping interests. He’s shunned his privileged London life and his father’s unbending attitudes, and becomes committed to employing the spying tactics he learned on the continent to help Becca indict the syndicate—and using his skills as a lover to seduce her into his bed.

But how will Cayle be able to convince Becca, a determinedly self-sufficient spinster, that he can be more to her than just a protector?

Embracing Scandal

Launch Day for Embracing Scandal. Yippee!

Launch Day for Embracing Scandal. Yippee!Crimson Romance Logo 

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my second book with Crimson Romance. Embracing Scandal is the first in my series about the scientifically-gifted Jamison siblings. I hope you enjoy them all.

This book is set in London in the 1840s when there was a boom in railway expansion. Clipart - steam train

My heroine, Becca, is seen by the prudish women in London’s upper level of society as a freak, someone to be avoided. Yet gentlemen flock to her side because she is far smarter than them when it comes to working out which new steam inventions and rail lines to invest in.

Rail, steam and speed.

Rail, steam and speed.


North Staffordhsire railway

The thing I love most about historical romance is the research. Uncovering all the weird and wonderful things about the era I’m writing in. This time it’s the very early years of Queen Victoria’s reign when steam trains and their expansion were the big news of the day.

Lady Rebecca Jamison, a mathematical genius, saves her siblings from financial ruin by dabbling in the London stock exchange. When a greedy syndicate kills her friend and threatens her family, Becca begs assistance from Cayle, Duke of Sherwyn, her nemesis and previous friend.
As Cayle and Becca rekindle old passions, the duke uses old skills as a spy to protect his lady. He successfully defeats the illegal consortium, but can Cayle persuade a self-sufficient spinster to become his duchess?

Railway construction engraving shows the building of the railway using hand carriages pulled by horses

You can read more about Embracing Scandal at Goodreads and at  Crimson Romance eBooks
To purchase Embracing Scandal, use the subscription service at Crimson Romance or go to one of these. Amazon  –  Barnes and Noble  –  iTunes
I hope you enjoy Embracing Scandal as much as my first release from Crimson Romance, The Viscount’s Pleasure House.
Pale cream rose with icing pink edged petals

Valentine’s Day Salute by Suzi Love

Valentine’s Day Salute by Suzi Love  

Valentine's Day chocolate rose

Warning. Some words and content in the following story is unsuitable for those under 18yrs. 

Michael, Viscount Lindley, threw his book on the side table and smiled. Finally. He’d thought of a way to gain Victoria’s attention.

The Saint Valentine’s ball at Lord Monroe’s grand house on the outskirts of London was only two days away.

Yesterday, Michael had resolved to avoid the event. He’d already wasted far too many evenings watching young pups, new on the town, fawning over Victoria. Seeing his lover, well ex-lover actually after their argument two weeks ago, bending forward, deliberately, to allow those young men a better look at the tops of her perfect white breasts.

If they leaned in any closer those idiots would, rather than catch a glimpse of Victoria’s pink tinged nipples, topple into her cleavage. Then, thank the Lord, he’d have a legitimate excuse for letting go of his control. And his temper.

Victoria was winning their silent battle. Or perhaps he was ready to admit defeat. For two weeks, they’d been two hard-headed combatants refusing to admit guilt. Every once in a while he’d catch Victoria looking at him with the same expression he was sure was plastered across his own face. Determination, yet regret. Her smile seemed a little down in the mouth, despite showing her even white teeth.

Only two weeks previously, those teeth had been better employed. Grazing up and down his eager cock. Frequently. Now, whenever she nibbled her bottom lip, he couldn’t help but think that her pouting mouth had been, and could be again, put to far better use than having mind-numbing conversations with brainless boys barely out of leading strings.

Valentine’s Day would be his last chance to win Victoria back. Into his arms, and definitely back into his bed. His reading had reminded him of the age old custom of presenting a rose to one’s love as a token of affection. But he wasn’t planning one simple rose. Oh, no!

Wooing Victoria, for the second time, needed the same planning as a major battle, because his true love was a formidable foe. His chef would spend every hour of the next two days fashioning dozens of roses, lovingly made from chocolate. The roses would be speared onto sticks and tied with red ribbons.

Surely such a grandiose display would convince Victoria that his feelings for her hadn’t changed. Not at all. Despite him trying desperately to damp down and ignore those feelings.

If anything, their time apart had strengthened his belief that he and Victoria belonged together. No more watching her from across a crowded room. No more waiting for her to submit. Victoria had lodged herself in his heart and nothing was going to dislodge her. His cave man instincts had been roused.

Now that Michael thought about it, dozens of roses wouldn’t suffice. He needed hundreds. One to present to every lady attending the ball, plus a few extras for the dandies who were emotionally more female than male. Though Victoria’s chocolate rose would be the biggest of all and her red ribbons would have something attached. A ring. A family heirloom. A cluster of priceless rubies that each viscount in the family had offered to the love of his life when he asked for her hand in marriage.

And if chocolate roses weren’t enough to convince Victoria that they belonged together, despite their occasional spats, he’d drop to one knee in the middle of Lord Monroe’s ballroom and beg her to forgive him for his stubborn stupidity. If it meant tossing Victoria over his shoulder and kidnapping her from Lord Monroe’s ballroom he’d ensure that Victoria, and all the ton, knew she was his. And his alone.

After all, pride meant nothing compared to the thought of the woman he loved leaving the Saint Valentine’s ball on the arm of another man. For the first time in two weeks, Michael smiled. He was already picturing their bout of sweaty make-up sex romp in her bedchamber. Almost worth the agony of waiting until Saint Valentine’s Day. 

St Valentine's Day card, embossed and printed ...

St Valentine’s Day card, embossed and printed in colour, with silk panel and printed message “My Dearest Miss, I send thee a kiss”, addressed to Miss Jenny Lane Lowe, or Love of Crostwight Hall, Smallburgh, Norfolk, and inscribed on the reverse “Good Morrow Valentine” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1920. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A tiny 2-inch pop-up Valentine, circa 1920

A tiny 2-inch pop-up Valentine, circa 1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ARRA 2013

Author spotlight on Victoria Black at Australian Romance Readers

Author spotlight on Victoria Black at Australian Romance Readers

Victoria Black is the author of two erotic romances, both e-published.

Victoria Black

Victoria Black

One is an historical novella set in World War Two London, and the other is a fantasy set in an alternate reality. Victoria lives in Brisbane with her husband and soon-to-be-married son.

Welcome Victoria to our spotlight …

Have you attended one of ARRA’s events before?

I’ll be an ARRA convention virgin.

To read the rest of the author spotlight, go to ARRA.