Australian Romance Readers Survey 2014: results

Interesting results from the 2014 Australian Romance Readers Association Survey.

Australian Romance Readers Association

The Australian Romance Readers Survey for 2014 was launched on
15 August and closed on 30 September. A total of 310 people responded to the survey (up very slightly from 306 last year).

You can download the full results HERE, but here’s a look at a few of the interesting results:

  • The majority of respondents were from NSW (98), with high rates for Vic (80) and Qld (65). Next was WA (27), SA (17) and ACT (11). Tas had 5 respondents and the NT just 1. The percentages of all these are fairly similar  o those from the 2013 survey, with a slight dip in responses from NSW and WA and a slightly higher response rate from Qld and Vic.
  • This year we had 7 male respondents (up from 5 last year).
  • 66.6% of respondents said that at least half of the books they read are romances (down from 87.2%…

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Feature book: Embracing Scandal

Feature book: Embracing Scandal by Suzi Love Author, an early Victorian historical romance, has been given a wonderful review by Heather at our awesome Australian Romance Readers Association.

Australian Romance Readers Association

Embracing ScandalEmbracing Scandalby Suzi Love

He has to be on his best behaviour to ensure his agreement remains intact and he can be rid of her forever.

Cayle St Martin, Duke of Sherwyn, has newly inherited his title and it comes with a lot of baggage. He has an agreement with his stepmother that he will behave himself and she will curb her gambling. His plan is that once the family finances are restored he will send her away, but as with all stories, she is not going to go quietly. Cayle returned from the continent after four years away when he was caught in a scandal and Julia convinced his father he needed to be sent away for the good of the family. Then Cayle finds a woman from his past in his home seeking his help. As the need for the help unfolds, Cayle finds it harder and…

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Victoria, Your Twenty Minutes Start…NOW!!!

The impetus this month? A variety of objects laid out on the table – gold pen, red address book, pink lipstick, ear phones, mobile phone, car keys. Write about the person who owns the objects, or pick one item to write about.




From where I knelt, I could see a child’s view of the home of my girlhood.

Time had passed so quickly. The crack in the wall made me smile. Mum had been so cross. It had been Erika’s fault of course. She started it. I burst out laughing, although sudden tears trickled down my cheeks.

My mother, my sister, and soon, my home. All gone.

My father? I frowned and swiped at my cheeks. Tomorrow, I’d clean and pack and throw away my childhood. But today…

Half closing my eyes, I became the little, freckled-face girl I’d once been.

“I’ll count to one thousand by fives!”

So I raced through the lounge room and ran, full pelt, into the bookcase. Books fell everywhere. Hurriedly, I reached out to replace them, or Mum would be mad. My eyes caught sight of a small, old, cracked red leather book, hidden within the black covers of an old poetry book. My lips read out the title. The Golden Treasury.

I flicked through the small red covered book that had fallen out. Mum’s faded writing covered the flimsy pages. A name caught my eye. David Clivedon. And a long, long row of numbers.

My sister came thundering up the stairs. I shoved the red book back in its poetic home, straightened the books, and ran.

Today arrived again, my sister’s footsteps fading.

My heart beat hard as I reached once more into the bookcase, my fingers unerringly touching the old poetry book I’d replaced thirty years ago. And there was the address book. With shaking hands, I flipped through the pages. One page fell out and one slightly tore. But I came to the letter ‘C’.

David Clivedon.

Mum had never spoken about what had happened to my father. Her lips had always flattened, and her eyes had grown cold and frosty. Erika had said she remembered him. Sort of. He’d sounded funny, she’d said.

That large group of numbers, I knew now, was an overseas phone number. Trembling, breathless, I picked up the phone and dialled.

“Hello.” An old man’s voice. “This is David Clivedon speaking.”

So I’d rung America, or perhaps Canada.

Now my heart pounded. “This…this is Molly Smith. I used to be Molly Clivedon.”

Long silence, then a soft exhale of air. Relief? Pain? I heard them both, as my father whispered, “Oh, my God.”





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  • The word Chatelaine is French and means the keeper of the keys
  • Chatelaine” derives from the Latin word for castle
  • In Medieval times, the chatelaine was in charge of the day-to-day running of the castle.

What did a chatelaine do?

  • Most important task was keeper of the keys.
  • Also ordered supplies, did bookkeeping, supervised servants, taught castle children, and organized guests.

What were chatelaines used for?

  • Castle keepers needed keys safe, yet easily accessible.
  • By 1700’s, a metal jeweled ornament hung from pockets, attached to belts, or by hooks into skirt waistbands
  • During 1800’s, women wore large collections of tools hung from chains
  • Young girls sewed and did needlework and needed to carry sewing notions eg scissors, thimbles
  • Worn by women of all classes, from workers to nobility
  • Varied depending on class and finances.
  • Made of silver, brass, steel, leather, or fabric
  • During 19th century, fashionable dresses often had no waist and nowhere to hang chatelaines
  • Chatelaines became decorative brooches
  • Often given as a wedding present from a husband to bride
  • Later became fashion accessories


Guest blogger: Suzi Love

Suzi Love is the Guest Blogger at Australian Romance Readers. Woo Hoo!

Australian Romance Readers Association

Suzi_LoveHi, I’m Suzi Love and I’m a book and history addict.

And to answer your next question, no, I have no intention of finding a cure for my addictions because I enjoy them far too much.

I love doing historical research, in museums, libraries, and old houses preferably and then I love using all the weird and wonderful bits and pieces the I discover in my books. And then, as romance is my second love … ah … L’amor! I’m able to combine both my addictions and write historical romance. Although, because I spend a lot of time in outback Australia, I also like to add a touch of Aussie interest to my romance books.

I’ve found that no matter which eras or which countries I set my books, my characters always end up with some characteristics in common. They are stubborn and loyal people who are determined to survive…

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Book Spotlight ~ Scenting Scandal ~ Suzi Love

The Book Spotlight is on Scenting Scandal, Book 2 Scandalous Siblings Series, by Suzi Love over with the wonderful authors Tamara Hoffa and Beverly Ovalle at Smile Somebody Loves You blog. We’d love to come and say hello.


Displaying Scenting_Scandal_by_Suzi Love.jpgScenting Scandal.

The second in my scandal series with heroines whose scientific knowledge and intellect are an affront to early Victorian’s increasingly staid society. The family’s second sister uses her extraordinary olfactory senses to sniff out her perfect match, a husband who fits all her scientific criteria.

Book Blurb

Lady Laura Jamison has a gift and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s after a husband, but not just any husband. She wants a man who meets her logical and scientific criteria. Her extraordinary olfactory senses lead her to Richard, the Earl of Winchester. He might not know it-yet-but he’s her perfect match.

Richard has no time for family friend, Laura, the mad scientist. He’s been pursued by many a female, but never on the premise that one sniff can decide your soul mate. Besides, he wants to marry a sweet and docile  woman, a socially acceptable young lady, the exact opposite of Laura.

But when he’s tasked…

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Love Lust and Lipstick Stains

First Chapter Friday

from Love Lust and Lipstick Stains

Many thanks to the wonderful blog Love Lust and Lipstick Stains for publishing the first chapter of my fantasy/sci fi Heavenly Revenge.