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About the Sultry Scribes

Dakota Harrison

Kelli Rogers – Author of romance

Roxanne Knight – Author of historical romance

Born in Port Moresby, in the Territory of Papua (now Papua New Guinea) Roxanne loves the tropics, and now lives happily in Queensland. She also loves fiction, perhaps because her mother named her Roxanne after a heroine in a novel.

Sandra Harris – Author of Science Fiction and Paranormal Romances

Born in the far north of Australia, yearly cyclones, floods and being cut off from civilization for weeks at a time were the norm. An outrageous imagination helped occupy Sandra’s mind.

An abiding interest in astronomy and a deep-seated need to always see the good guys win naturally influences her writing. Not satisfied with the amount of romance in science fiction novels she set out to redress the balance.

She currently lives in sunny South East Queensland, Australia, with her husband and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who doesn’t seem to realise she comes from royalty and should act in a more appropriate manner.

Suzi love –  Trying to make history fun one year at a time. Suzi Love Logo

Author of historical romances, particularly set in the late Regency and early Victorian eras, and ranging from sexy to erotic. Her favorite things are books, traveling, researching famous places and people from history, and the color pink.

Victoria Black – Author of sexy stories, any time, any place

Victoria’s stories have a heat range from sensual through to erotic, but she never forgets that first, last, and always, her stories are romances. You know – lusty, impossible, gorgeous alpha heroes and their lovely, feisty heroines who challenge them all the way to their happy ending.

Find Victoria at victoriablack.htmlplanet.com


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