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Suzi Love is the Guest Blogger at Australian Romance Readers. Woo Hoo!

Australian Romance Readers Association

Suzi_LoveHi, I’m Suzi Love and I’m a book and history addict.

And to answer your next question, no, I have no intention of finding a cure for my addictions because I enjoy them far too much.

I love doing historical research, in museums, libraries, and old houses preferably and then I love using all the weird and wonderful bits and pieces the I discover in my books. And then, as romance is my second love … ah … L’amor! I’m able to combine both my addictions and write historical romance. Although, because I spend a lot of time in outback Australia, I also like to add a touch of Aussie interest to my romance books.

I’ve found that no matter which eras or which countries I set my books, my characters always end up with some characteristics in common. They are stubborn and loyal people who are determined to survive…

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2 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Suzi Love

  1. pattymvanhulle

    HOWDY from Rapid City, SD! I love your Scandalous Siblings series so much! What gave you the idea for that kooky family? What about your book, The Viscount’s Pleasure House? Which I have staring at me right now, how did that come about? I see you are a very PROUD AUSTRALIAN! What do you love the most about Australia? What do you least like about Australia? No time zone excuses! When will your next amazing book be out?

    1. Suzi Love Post author

      So glad you love my Scandalous Siblings. The Viscount’s Pleasure House happened because I love digging into the seedier side of history, where thins aren’t always as glamorous as they seem on the surface.

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